NASPE Standard 1

Standard 1: Scientific and Theoretical Knowledge

Physical education teacher candidates know and apply discipline-specific scientific and theoretical concepts critical to the development of physically educated individuals.

Element 1.3: Describe and apply motor development theory and principles related to skillful movement, physical activity, and fitness.

Artifact: Motor Development skills assessment lab 5: stationary bounce and kicking

Date: Fall 2011

In PED 201, Motor Development was the introduction class to becoming a Physical Educator. For our lab, we got the experience to go to a local church; St. Mary’s to examine how children grades pre-k through fifth grade developed in certain skills. We saw this by giving the children different skills to perform while we assessed them. Each week we each had to create a game and or activity involving a particular skill. During this particular lab, we assessed how the students could kick a kickball and bounce a basketball while being stationary. While watching both a boy and a girl in grade one we could see significant different in their development by how well they were able to perform these skills. After viewing these skills through the year at St. Mary’s we now know that development is age related but not age dependent. This lab opportunity was a great way to get us prepared to become Physical Educators because it is very important for us to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses in certain skill areas developmentally and to apply progressions and challenges that are appropriate for the age.
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